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Interior Designer, Designer and Engineer, I've combined my creative and scientific skills to design new spaces and objects.

My professional experience has given me the opportunity to work with an ergonomist and designers. These two professions can improve the use of objects: less constrictive movements and comfort for users.


For me, the design goes hand in hand with technical progress. Any new object requires technical studies but also shapes, materials ... A user will not be interested in a new object if the shapes and materials have not been studied, and any object should be conceived to improve people's lives.


For the architecture, each project is unique, I work closely with every client in order to identify their personality, their needs and expectations. I play with volumes, light, colors and styles. Curious and interested in new technologies, I am always looking for new materials and new techniques.

My travels around the world have allowed me to discover various objects and architectures which will serve me in my future creations.

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